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2015年12月26日 (土)

My visit to the DHMs in Japan

My visit to Japan was one offered to me by my Provincial Noriko (SEA province). I am indeed grateful to her and the DHMs of Japan for their kindness and generosity that made this tip possible – a trip I never even had dreamed of. I thank the Almighty God for having inspired them to make it happen to manifest His love for me.


Even though this trip was an unexpected one, I was greatly delighted at it considering it as a privilege to visit the reunions in Japan and meet our sisters; and of course some sightseeing especially the beauty of the nature. In fact the sisters were quite surprised when they heard my schedule and they remarked it as `very simple”. But for me, that was what I really longed to have, for I prefer to go for something simple that I can enjoy than one which involves extensive travelling and get oneself exhausted at the end of the day.


I arrived at the Tokyo Haneda International Airport from Manila on the 30th of November at 12:30 PM, half an hour ahead of the scheduled time. I was extremely happy and I could feel the excitement filling me head to toe as I was coming out of the airport. Noriko was out waiting to receive me with all cheer and smile. I rushed to her and quietly said "I am finally here “as we hugged each other with great joy. On arriving home, the sisters too gave me a warm welcome which made me feel great and loved.


It appeared to me that prior to my arrival, the sisters had well-planned their schedule; for I noticed every day there would be one or two sisters make themselves available to take me out. I was really touched by their hospitality and the readiness to accompany me. In fact, I was feeling for their age to go along with me in the cold weather. But they looked always very excited and energetic to take me around.


The community I stayed at Shinonimachi was indeed a wonderful one. I am really appreciative of the way they took care of me. The community consists of 6 members and Povincial. I consider it as a blessing for having had them with me. It is really marvelous to see each of them contributing to the mission at Japan. Ako, in spite of her age does wonderful paintings which is very captivating. I also had the privilege to be part of the ‘Tea ceremony and the Bazaar’ we had just recently. I really admire and marvel at the efforts the sisters took especially Yko who was in-charge of the Tea Ceremony. Dscn5395 She even found time to dress me up in the traditional Japanese dress. I have no words to thank Mi for being so kind to be around me and translate whatever I say. I thank each one of you for having made my stay here a memorable one!

I list below the places I visited with a brief description. I am certain without the kindness of the sisters this would not have ever happened:

² Community at Tomonoie where I visited with Provincial. I was greatly delighted to meet there I and my former Provincial. Hko and Mko also belong to that community, though they live in two houses. After having spent some time with the community, Jko and Nko took me around the places there. We went to visit the Jou kan-ji (ji means temple) which belongs to the Buddhist monks. It has a graveyard of about 230 years old where the Buddhist monks buried the body of the prostitutes with due respect and dignity.

² After having lunch together in a restaurant, Nko left for the community. Jko and I then proceeded to the Religious store to do some Christmas shopping. Mko joined us there. After the shopping we visited the Japan Bible society and went on to see the illumination.

² Mobara community consists of Ko, Eko , Mi , Sko and Sau. It was Eko  who accompanied me there as she was in the .community at Shinanomachi (Where I resided) for her work. I stayed with them for a day. Indeed it was an absolute pleasure for me to meet our sisters there and to visit the places of their mission. Sko goes to a day care where she is being taken care of. But she calls it as her "MISSION" and is therefore quite excited to go there daily. The sisters say, that “MISSION” keeps her happy and alive in spirit. I was impressed also the way Mi engages herself in the work within the community. She moves around in a very delicate manner and attends to the needs of everyone in whatever capacity she can. I was also happy to visit the Creche where Su works. I found her very committed to the kids and to their needs. I was really touched by the way she took care of a kid who had fever – she covered him well in a blanket and was carrying him on her back while attending to the other kids at their play. Eko was the one who took me all around the places at Mobara. She found to be very thrilled to take me for sightseeing in her car. Ko and Mi also joined us and we had lunch together in a restaurant. I was very happy to have them with me enjoying the drive. They were very glad seeing me enjoying the Japanese food and nature as well. By 4:15 that afternoon I returned to my community at Shinanomchi. I thanked God for such wonderful moments being together with them!

² I also had the opportunity to go out with Cko in spite of her hectic schedule at the Caritas as well as the animator of the community. She took me to her place of work at caritas– where she along with a few other staff take care of the mentally challenged adults. It’s really amazing to see the creative works of those individuals. After spending some time with them, we visited the St. Mary’s Cathedral- prayed there for a while and proceeded to a beautiful garden. Mko and Eko  joined us later at Tokyo station to see the Christmas illumination which was indeed an awesome one!

² It was a great joy for me to meet Eko after a long time. As she is currently doing her studies in the Sophia Univesity, I could not have her with us except on a Sunday. Therefore, two of us decided to go for the Sunday mass to the St. Ignatius church at 7 AM. After the mass she was kind enough to take me to the Sophia university campus and from there we went walking to see the beauty of the nature. We had a wonderful time together!


In short, it was indeed a wonderful experience for me meeting the DHMs in Japan. What impressed me most is their spirit of service. Despite the growing age and a few in numbers, I find the sisters very committed to rendering services to the needy in whatever capacity they are. Their vibrant smile and cheer are really captivating which reflect the inner joy to work for the greater glory of God and for his people. I must acknowledge that I appreciate and cherish every moment I spent with my Japanese sisters here and the beautiful nature in vibrant colors of red, yellow and orange. I pray that the Lord may bless them with the wisdom, health and courage to continue his mission among his people in Japan.

As I now say ‘Good bye’ to them, I assure my prayers for each one of them that they may radiate the vibrant joy and smile always……

Thank you once again from the depth of my heart for your love, care and the gifts. I love you too…

With love and prayers                     Dscn5399



2015年12月 8日 (火)

≪いつくしみはとこしえに≫ いつくしみの特別聖年



このタイトルだけでも、いつまでもいつまでも いのりの中にいられそうです。


教皇様は13番で 「この聖年を主のことばに照らされて過ごしたいと思います。それは、御父のようにいつくしみ深いものとなることです。福音記者は、次のようにいうキリストの教えを伝えています。「あなたがたの父があわれみ深いように、あなたがたもあわれみ深い者となりなさい」(ルカ6・36) ・・・・  そうすることで、神のいつくしみを思い巡らし、それを自分の生活スタイルとすることができるようになります。」と述べています。

そして、最後に  ≪ここで、わたしたちの思いをいつくしみの母に向けましょう。この特別聖年の間、その優しいまなざしをもって、わたしたちに寄り添ってくださいますように。(・・・)

マリアほど、人となられた神の深い神秘を知っている人はいません。 その全生涯は、受肉したいつくしみの存在で形づくられました。十字架につけられ復活したかたの母は、神の愛の神秘に深くあずかることで、神のいつくしみの聖域に入られたのです。≫ 24番






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